Tales Of Miss Scarlett

Tales of Ms Scarlett: the Prologue

I have never been one to keep a diary.

I never quite got the appeal of detailing my daily adventures (or misadventures) in some ‘ultra-girly pink & fluffy’ notebook.

Don’t get me wrong…I did try!
But I always ended up feeling embarrassed and mortified by how overly dramatic I was. 
However, now I’m 22 years old I have come to acknowledge that being dramatic is just apart of who I am. I now appreciate the ability to capture my thoughts and emotions on a given day and then years from now, look back and remember what it was like. This blog will be my grown-up version of a ‘ultra-girly pink and & fluffy’ notebook. I intend to blog about random topics, talk about my natural hair journey and rant about my daily pet peeves. 
So follow my blog….I know you will find it entertaining!

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One thought on “Tales of Ms Scarlett: the Prologue

  1. Can't wait to read more of your blog. do ya thing!!!

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