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Everyone has problems!

are DYING   homeless   have cancer   got fired    late for class   FORECLOSURES    lost a parent   RAPED   getting divorced  car accident   have AIDS   miscarriage   just got cheated on    starving   late for work  

car got repossessed   mentally ill

some a minor issues and some a HUGE PROBLEMS

i don’t dare pretend that any problems i may  have is even half as bad as some of the ones i listed above
that DOES NOT mean my problems are not important!!!
 so when someone points out in the middle of our conversation that 
“…people have bigger problems than your’s”
all i think is 
“no SHIT Sherlock!”
My Point:
if you are one of the privileged few that i share my concerns with…listen
and if you have something you would like to offload and share…please do because i am great listener
but please please please
                                      Do not point out the obviously condescending fact

Thank you very much!

Pieces of Me #1

#1 i don’t tell a lot of people my problems 
but when i do…i say entirely too much


OK OK OK i’ll admit it…i just stole this from another blog lol
but i LOVE it!!!
I tend to be a bit of a worry wart at times and one of my New Year’s Resolution is to worry less and have more faith in the Lord our God and step 1 to doing that is realizing that my life is in HIS hands đź™‚

i need a guy with an Usher type smile…

ooh la la my oh my….
i’ve always been a sucker for a guy with a nice smile.

why i’m screwed up!

at least one of the reasons anyway…

Racial RANT!

So there is a very popular morning radio talk show here in Atlanta that i LOVE to listen to. However all the host on the show are Caucasions and sometimes there comments on race issues can sometimes be a little off. No I do not think they are racist in anyway BUT the truth is if you are not apart of a particular group…it may be hard to fully comprehend their stand point on a issue.
Yesterday the main host of the show posted this on Facebook:

My 9yr old, Hayden, is doing a school biography on Muhammad Ali (awesome!). He wants to make his presentation in a boxing robe, gloves and put brown make up on his face. Offensive?
Yes! it is offensive!
Pretty open and shut case…atleast that is what I thought. But as I strolled through the comments  I realized it was anything but!
TOO many people (Caucasians might I add) could not understand why it was offensive and in turn was offended themselves by the thought of any African American being against the idea. 

They screamed that the race card was being played and that racism is in the so why can’t African-Americans get over it!

My first response was that it was offensive  and  I couldn’t believe that we  would have to explain why it was so. But the most important thing  is that it is OFFENSIVE   and if the reason behind it was too  difficult for everyone to comprehend then it didn’t matter because all they needed to know was  NOT TO DO IT!
Simple right? WRONG
Today he posted this:

No lie. I have a friend going to Muhammad Ali’s 70th birthday this weekend. Im going to write a letter to The Champ and get his take on Haydens biography presentation.

My response?
oh so this entire thing was about whether Ali would be offended? Not about what US as African-Americans think? Oh OK! His insistence on doing this is what baffles me. As other people had posted…if you have to ask then don’t do it. What people are failing to understand is that no one is saying that his son’s intentions are not innocent..but what HE as a parent can do is take this opportunity to explain why somethings are offensive. Face painting on its own is not an offensive act but given the history of it..it is something that is now frown upon and offensive to others. This is the same thing with the N word…on its own its just a word but the history and connotations are deep. NO FACE PAINT…simple

It is so troubling to me to see the response that soooo many people were giving. The anger towards the African-Americans and the audacity to tell them what they are allowed or not allowed to be offended by floors me. They scream that racism is dead and in the past. But what they fail to realize is that THE VERY THOUGHT THAT IT IS and the failure to acknowledge that it is as much apart of our society today as it ever was….is exactly what keeps it alive!
God Help us ALL!


New Year, Same Me â™Ą
Just a few changes I will refer to as improvements.

Free: Etana

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