Tales Of Miss Scarlett

Everyone has problems!

are DYING   homeless   have cancer   got fired    late for class   FORECLOSURES    lost a parent   RAPED   getting divorced  car accident   have AIDS   miscarriage   just got cheated on    starving   late for work  

car got repossessed   mentally ill

some a minor issues and some a HUGE PROBLEMS

i don’t dare pretend that any problems i may  have is even half as bad as some of the ones i listed above
that DOES NOT mean my problems are not important!!!
 so when someone points out in the middle of our conversation that 
“…people have bigger problems than your’s”
all i think is 
“no SHIT Sherlock!”
My Point:
if you are one of the privileged few that i share my concerns with…listen
and if you have something you would like to offload and share…please do because i am great listener
but please please please
                                      Do not point out the obviously condescending fact

Thank you very much!

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