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maybe not so serendipitous after all…

Have you ever stopped to think how much has to be right in order for two people to meet & decide to try to be together?
Think even beyond the chance of them being in the same place at the same time, being in the viewing distance from each other, having their eyes meet and having them each be in the right mood that day & moment to even being open to the possibility of getting to know anyone in that special manner.
Think even further to all that must have happened to have their lives & hearts be in the position to welcome the risk & start a new journey with the stranger standing before them.

  • they had to be single at the same time
  • both be free from any conflicting/confusing/ambiguous relationship with anyone else or at the very least be willing and ready to end it.
  • their hearts had to be free (enough) from any negative feelings to not block the progress of something new forming
  • their mind had to be open to the idea of something new
  • they had to be hopeful enough to believe that this new person is & will be different from the last
  • trusting enough to allow themselves to fall without the security of knowing if they will be caught
  • naive enough to try again.
Doesn’t it make you think of those old phrases?
like: everything happens for a reason
&  they were meant to be
Happy Valentine’s Day 


                            they are awesome!!!

but what do you do when your best distractions:
   the tall milk chocolate fort isn’t big enough to block it
   the wave of caramel intoxication can’t wash it away
  & not even the new strawberry smoothie that comes extra lighthearted isn’t light enough to make it float away?

                                           YOU TRY HARDER

but Misters Daniel, Miller and Smirnoff
cannot quench this thirst                
    and that tall slender white lady? she is way too petite to help suffocate it  
you pray.

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