Tales Of Miss Scarlett

Attention Seeking

“Hot sex and cold wine…come get it ;-)”

The above is an actual text message that I received from a not-so potential suitor.

At first, I did a ‘that’s so insane’ giggling session coupled with a WTF look on my face.

But the more I think about it, the more upset I got!

Not so much at this guy, but at myself and all the other females before me that I am sure received this same treatment.


because instead of telling this guy that his behavior was inappropriate, I played it ‘cool’ in the situation.

My response was a polite even witty way of saying no.


because in the back of my mind I still had intentions and high hopes of turning the situation around and making this guy that was clearly ‘Mr. Wrong’ into “Mr-Kinda-Right-For-Now’


Now this took a lot of reflection on my part and I think my reason is relatable to many other females.

I Like The Attention

(it was so hard typing that)

Now of course nothing is ever that simple and there are different depths to it but I think this is one pathetic  factor that I can work on.

I have always been one to admit that in an effort to avoid boredom I have got myself into a lot of trouble. Having a guy that is texting, calling and in general paying me that attention…helps alleviate some of that boredom and having multiple of these guys boosts my ego.

But am I bored enough to accept being disrespected?

Does my ego really need that much boosting?

The answer: HELL NO!!!

The solution: Show myself some attention

Sounds pretty simple I know. But for many of us, its easier said than done. However, it is often the solution to so many of our problems. Showing attention to myself and getting to know myself surely would firstly eliminate some of the boredom. Getting to know my own likes and dislikes so that I can develop a passion for something. There as to be a satisfaction within myself. An ability to enjoy my own company. So that next time I find myself alone, I won’t need a attention from a guy to break the boredom.

Because receiving text messages like the one above simply for some distraction is not OK.

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4 thoughts on “Attention Seeking

  1. lookingforbrunettey on said:

    Great post, very enlightening.

    Looking for Brunettey

    • Thanks Brunettey. I truly do thing that there is always room for improvement especially when you are on a mission to grow as a person and one of the biggest steps in this is being able to to recognize and admit your flaws.

  2. Daisy on said:

    Yeah…I’ll admit that I like the attention too. But then again, I also just got out of an eight year relationship, so I might be the one who is disrespecting the guys who are giving me the attention. Well crap. Look at what your post did to me there. Do I need to reevaluate my priorities?

  3. After 8 years I think you are allowed to play the field. But only if done in a safe way and by safe I mean emotionally safe. I think sometimes we have the tendency to use flirting and random dates as a distraction or patch on our true feelings. This can cause further hurt and an acceptance in less than we deserve. As long as you have taken the time to heal yourself and properly deal with your emotions, then there is nothing wrong in seeking some attention. Thanks for reading Daisy 🙂

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