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I’m just a genuine woman with sincerity

Wanna Be Loved: Buju Banton


Wanna be loved
Not for who you think I am
Nor what you want me to be
Could you love me for me?
Real love, with no strings attached
I wanna give you me heart
Don’t want to take it back
This is my chat-cho

Been searching for a long long time
For that oh-so-true love
To comfort this heart of mine
No pretense stop wasting my time
A virtuous woman is really hard to find
I’m telling you lady
I’m only human, not looking for impossibility
Just a genuine woman with sincerity
Someone who is always near to hold me
Show me you care, up front and boldly
Don’t shun my feelings, all the positive meanings
Love me morning, noon all seasons


Well every hoe have it’s stick in a bush
What happen to me…she must be somewhere out there
Now where could she be?
Caught up passionately in a love rhapsody
I’m like waiting on some honey
But there ain’t no queen bee
Everybody’s laughing
Some say I’m silly
No infatuation, no love fantasy
Woman you lead my life on a string
I can’t tale the on and off thing
I’m oh so lonely inside so I sing


I would spend my nights at home
But if it means contention
I’d rather be alone
Tell the service man cut the phones
Lock all communication
If there’s no light within my day
I’d rather stay in isolation
For that special someone a lifetime I’ll wait
I know that I’ll be okay
Cross my heart, every day I live I pray
And I know she’ll come my way
Night and day for this woman I pray



Nonconforming 101

It has always marveled me how many of those that spend most of their days and nights dreaming of how to be different, often scolding and mocking those that simply live to…be, are more than less following the patterns of others who also spent most of their days and nights dreaming of how to be different.

my MATERIALISTIC 2012 resolutions!**5 month Update

So might be selfish of me but i’m sitting here post-Christmas gifts unwrapping and receiving and i’m thinking about the things that i did get (very grateful for) but the many man many other things that i do want.

I know i know…very materialistic of me! but i decided to just embrace it and create a list of things i intend (or at least wish) to get in 2012.

my Materialistic 2012 resolutions

  1. Designer handbag
  2. new car
  3. something from Apple
  4. A tablet PC: preferably Nook Color, Kindle Fire, Ipad
  5. new camera
  6. new phone
  7. a piece of diamond jewelry
  8. brown boots
  9. 32″ flat screen TV
  10. decorative house stuff: wall painting, throw pillows etc

** (12/28/2011) they say ask and you shall receive.

the new year hasn’t even begun yet and I already received one thing from my list.

i received new brown boots from a bestie for Christmas.

lets see how quickly the other things are scratched off the list.

***(03/27/2012) i’m updating this a bit late because to be honest, i didn’t even realize

I was ticking something new off my wishlist. I got my new phone back in

the beginning of February and boy was it an upgrade lol Yes getting this new phone

was because my old one gave out. But still it shows how when you write things down, sometimes life as a way of making it happen even without your help 🙂

***(04/09/2012) i got a tv!!!! not sure if its a 32″ but i think it is and it might even be bigger than that. Its not flat screen but you know i’m quite happy with that too. But best of all….it was free! Someday say Hallelujah

***oh and you know what else? I’m sitting here updating about the tv, i realize that I so also have some decorative house stuff. Only a painting and a vase set so far but i’m getting there and it will only get better

***(05/17/2012) OMG i can’t belive I am ticking this off my wish list! In a way this was my impossible thing..the one i never truly believed I could ever acquire but it happened….i got a car!!! In actuality i’m about a week late with this update. I actually took the car home on May 11, 2012! Its only May and I’ve already accomplished 5/10 things on my list. And my car is better than I ever expected to get..its a 2001 which is a whopping 6year jump from my previous old banged up Camry. Have you ever heard of the “Write it Down, Make it Happen” campaign? Coz now i’m a strong supporter. With God all things are possible 😀

I’m always going to be in LOVE with him aren’t I?

i HAD to reblog this! So many females are unaware of this truth or simply refuse to accept it. My conversation with my male friends have also reconfirmed this to be true as well. No one is saying don’t be friends with people from the opposite sex, i’m just saying be mindful of this fact.

93.1 WZAK

Can You Be “Just Friends” with a Guy?

By Cosmopolitan.com | Love + Sex – Tue, May 8, 2012 5:47 PM EDT

Oh, you thought you were just friends?Can you really be “just friends” with a guy? According to a new study, the answer is yes…kind of.


By Korin Miller

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin studied guy-girl friendships of more than 400 adults and found that, even though men and women can be buddies, guy friends are more likely to be attracted to us than we are to them.

Scientists also discovered that men are more likely than women to overestimate how attracted their female friends are to them. So your best guy friend might secretly think you have a thing for him-even when you don’t. Annoying, we know.

Not only that, guys who were in relationships weren’t any less likely than single dudes to say that they…

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Use me?? Nah I use you

So let me get this straight:

You want to be my fuck buddy or even less than that….be a one hit wonder?

But despite me constantly POLITELY saying “I am not that type of girl.”

Implying that no guy should approach me in that manner unless they intend on taking the time to work and build an intimate relationship.

YOU decided to stick around.

So you play it like you are a caring guy who just wants to enjoy my company. All along while believing that you could

caress, have  long meaningful talks, share long stares,

giggle about dumb shit way into  my Victoria’s Secrets.

But see you don’t know me.

And I know your type of bullshit!

So while you try to wiggle your way between my legs, thinking that if you get my nipples hard enough, I will say yes.

You don’t know that in fact I will let you keep going JUST. UNTIL. I. GET. MY. SATISFACTION

Because selfish is the name of the game that you want to play with my heart, mind & body

And blue balls is the prize that I don’t mind giving.

So keep coming around.

Work your fingers to the juicy core

Coz while you keep trying to fuck me, I’m really just fucking you!

30 second rule of sex

I think there should be a 30second rule when it comes to sex.
This would be similar to the 5 second rule that we have with food. If its on the floor for less than 5 seconds it doesn’t count

If the penis is in for less than 30 seconds?? It shouldn’t count either!
whether it be
she changed her mind. he changed his mind
a one stroke teaser
or he was just too “quick on the trigger”
if it was less than 30seconds it shouldn’t count!
maybe it was an accidental slip in during some not-so-dry humping
why should that count??
or it was “wait wait are you in? i don’t feel anything??” and then he came!
in my world, if that all was under 30seconds then it don’t count

The 30second rule
these are the rules i am choosing to live by
and so should the rest of the female population

short skirts and tummy bearing tops

A navy blue bodycon miniskirt and a orange crop top that showed my belly button

That’s the outfit I left my apartment wearing last Friday night.

It was a warm Georgia night, it was was easy to throw these on and besides I was heading to a house party afterall.

Miniskirts and crop tops are items of clothing I wear all the time. But always individually NEVER together.

The reaction, at least to me, was surprising.

I suddenly had the attention of guys that never looked twice in my direction when I’m dressed in my usual layers.

But instead of feeling sexy or in anyway more attractive, I felt dirty and downright offended!!

I am so much more than my thighs, hips, butt and tits.

But even more so I had this fear of being grouped. That these guys had cataloged me with other girls that wear miniskirts and crop tops. Because in their minds and apparently in mine as well, this was the uniform of whores/easy/down-to-fuck girls.

AND  I did not want to be associated in anyway to that group.


The way you dress greatly influences how you are seen by others.

I guess this post is mainly a sort of admittance for me because its a well known saying but I have always denied its accuracy, choosing to believe that people were not as shallow as to judge based as something so artificial as clothing. But yet I do it!

Everyday day on campus when a female walks by me in 5 inch heels I  JUDGE

If she wears booty shorts in winter I JUDGE

If you sitting in class and your boobs are hanging out I JUDGE

If her skirt  is just long enough to cover her buttpeg  and the black shadow under her ass is still exposed


And if i’m a female, can you imagine what guys think?

My navy blue bodycon miniskirt and orange crop top sent the signal that I wanted my body to be glared at and that I didn’t mind sharing my curves with everyone else .

That a conversation with me could lead to sex.

None of these are signals I meant to send.

I guess from now on  I will be more mindful of how I dress

and try to judge a little less harder next time I see a female wearing the whore uniform

because they too are more than their thighs, hips, butt and tits

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