Tales Of Miss Scarlett

30 second rule of sex

I think there should be a 30second rule when it comes to sex.
This would be similar to the 5 second rule that we have with food. If its on the floor for less than 5 seconds it doesn’t count

If the penis is in for less than 30 seconds?? It shouldn’t count either!
whether it be
she changed her mind. he changed his mind
a one stroke teaser
or he was just too “quick on the trigger”
if it was less than 30seconds it shouldn’t count!
maybe it was an accidental slip in during some not-so-dry humping
why should that count??
or it was “wait wait are you in? i don’t feel anything??” and then he came!
in my world, if that all was under 30seconds then it don’t count

The 30second rule
these are the rules i am choosing to live by
and so should the rest of the female population

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