Tales Of Miss Scarlett

short skirts and tummy bearing tops

A navy blue bodycon miniskirt and a orange crop top that showed my belly button

That’s the outfit I left my apartment wearing last Friday night.

It was a warm Georgia night, it was was easy to throw these on and besides I was heading to a house party afterall.

Miniskirts and crop tops are items of clothing I wear all the time. But always individually NEVER together.

The reaction, at least to me, was surprising.

I suddenly had the attention of guys that never looked twice in my direction when I’m dressed in my usual layers.

But instead of feeling sexy or in anyway more attractive, I felt dirty and downright offended!!

I am so much more than my thighs, hips, butt and tits.

But even more so I had this fear of being grouped. That these guys had cataloged me with other girls that wear miniskirts and crop tops. Because in their minds and apparently in mine as well, this was the uniform of whores/easy/down-to-fuck girls.

AND  I did not want to be associated in anyway to that group.


The way you dress greatly influences how you are seen by others.

I guess this post is mainly a sort of admittance for me because its a well known saying but I have always denied its accuracy, choosing to believe that people were not as shallow as to judge based as something so artificial as clothing. But yet I do it!

Everyday day on campus when a female walks by me in 5 inch heels I  JUDGE

If she wears booty shorts in winter I JUDGE

If you sitting in class and your boobs are hanging out I JUDGE

If her skirt  is just long enough to cover her buttpeg  and the black shadow under her ass is still exposed


And if i’m a female, can you imagine what guys think?

My navy blue bodycon miniskirt and orange crop top sent the signal that I wanted my body to be glared at and that I didn’t mind sharing my curves with everyone else .

That a conversation with me could lead to sex.

None of these are signals I meant to send.

I guess from now on  I will be more mindful of how I dress

and try to judge a little less harder next time I see a female wearing the whore uniform

because they too are more than their thighs, hips, butt and tits


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