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Dating Etiquette & Selling yourself

I have a fear of dating.

I am no good at it and I fear and hate things that I am no good at.

I have come to accept that dating is really like going on an interview. You get asked similar questions like

“Tell me a  about yourself?”    

“Where do you see yourself in the future?”

and while this might not be a question asked out right, it is one that is expected to be answered by the end of the date ” What can you bring to this relationship?” Essentially you are selling yourself and I am no good at that. Hence why the scariest thing to me about graduating from college, is the fact that I will have to go on interviews for jobs.

The entire process is nerve wrecking for me. I never have the right answers to those questions. I get quiet, shy, forget to smile and don’t let my personality show. Apparently all of which is a no no when it comes to having a successful date (and interview)

So at this point, i’m contemplating having prepared and approved answers going into my next date. This way I can respond in a witty way that answers the question while displaying  my playful side. Something that is completely non threatening seeing that apparently I come across as being too strong and too intellectual.

No I’m not talking about dumbing myself down or changing who I am as a person. But improving my dating skills. And to me that includes being mindful of how I come across to other people and seeing where I can make adjustment. Because of course…I have many flaws!

Hopefully with practice, I’ll be able to iron out my dating technique.


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One thought on “Dating Etiquette & Selling yourself

  1. i always feel like the worst part of dating is that there is no etiquette, no grading rubric to run through! and yet there is still a grade given out. its like going to a math exam and finding that the paper is actually history!

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