Tales Of Miss Scarlett

How Wonderful Life is While You’re in the World ♥

He makes me want to write rhymes. but the best I could come up with was:

I know this is cheesy, its an obvious fact 

because he makes me smile like a Cheshire cat.

He makes me want to wear my heart on my sleeve.

Our friends, they sing songs like:

♪♪He and She are sitting in a tree…♪♪

I have more than a High School crush. This right here is a elementary school type puppy love

Roses are red

Violets are blue

I hope this time

His words are true.

Quotes from Shakespeare. Paintings from Degas.

I think you have a certain

Je ne sais quoi

I guess what i’m trying to say is..he makes me comfortable enough to be vulnerable.

And that’s an extremely new feeling for me 🙂

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