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Someone’s Destinee

He sat at the table next to mine

At an old mom and pop diner on highway 20

somewhere near the Mississippi and Louisiana state line.

With a silver beard and knowing eyes, his lips parted, eyes crinkled, cheek bones raised revealing a veneer smile, he nodded a ‘Good day’ and I smiled back.

“Where you headed?” His eyes fixed on the Georgia tag on the only other car sitting outside in the dusty parking lot. I fumbled and mumbled a heavy-hearted “California.”

“Destinee!” he proclaimed as he sighed and sat back in his chair “Destinee Franklin, the only girl that had the power to give me a heavy heart.”

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a withered old photo. A young girl, with deep mahogany skin and bright eyes stood  grinning in a blue shift style dress.

She looked beautiful. She looked happy. She was loved.

They were married for 47years before the “good Lord called her home”

They met when he was 22 and she was 19, back in the day when “people knew how to love.”

She stole his heart during the mashed potato dance and ran off with it to Chicago in hopes of becoming a singer.

He loved her but gave her space, making regular journeys like the one I was on, to show that special person the love and support that is needed but send a reminder of what is waiting at home.

He became a better man for her. Learning how to be kind and sensitive, caring for her through her insecurities and being strong enough to guide her when she returned home. She was strong headed but he loved her for it. She was easily complacent but he found ways to overcome it. He loved her and in time they learnt to carry each other.

As I listened tears filled my eyes as I whispered “I want to be someone’s Destinee.”

Confessions of an Unrequited Lover

He wasn’t the one because he never understood me. He never understood my sarcasm. He never understood that while my words are honest and straightforward, they aren’t the end all or be all of what I am saying. He never understood that he had to look deeper to understand that behind every word is just a young woman with good heart trying to find another soul that gets her. He never understood that to truly get me, is to first admit that I am a hard person to understand.

He wasn’t the one because I never found him funny. His jokes fell flat and his storytelling was atrocious. There was never a guarantee that he would lighten the mood. The twinging of his lips, the raising of his eyebrows was never enough to send my head back, hands being clapped, mouth open but no sound coming out because everyone knows that’s how I laugh when I find something truly funny. I doubt he found me particularly funny either.

He wasn’t the one because I always had to be smiling. Not every grin is a smile and that is not the only way I convey happiness.  When my smile has subsided and my voice goes too soft, i’m not hurt nor am I sad. It just means i’m relaxed enough to exist and not be concerned about keeping up appearances. It means I think the interview has stopped and that silence can be comfortable.

He wasn’t the one because his lips didn’t make my world spin. His lips were forgettable. His lips were too small, too dry and left no impression. His kisses just left me thinking about the last lips that I bit and pulled. He had too much passion and I had too little. His lips just weren’t right.

He wasn’t the one because I could never sleep like a baby next to him. He never had the ability to calm my spirit, settle my mind and make me so relaxed that I could drift off into dreamland as easy as 1-2-3. Falling asleep next to him..or even better on his chest was not  a desire that I had and the thought of  waking up in his arms didn’t make my heart smile.

He wasn’t the one because simply my dear…he wasn’t you.

Aunt Flo’s First Visit

It happens to ALL of us.

To some it was a surprise, to others it was a long awaited day.

It may be met with feelings of excitement, shame, confusion and fear.

For me it meant I was finally becoming  a Woman.

Of course i’m talking about the day I first got my menstrual cycle.

My niece just experience this recently and it got me and my sister talking about our experiences.

It was the April before my 11th birthday and I was up late one night with my brother and my older  female cousin.

I was wearing a white underwear and one of my dad’s old t-shirts.

YUP i remember a lot of details about that night. I was so excited. It was like a confirmation that I was now a big girl 🙂

By that time I had already been wearing a bra and I was taller than most of my grown female cousins. Like most young girls…I just wanted to be older.

It wasn’t a surprise to me. My mom had suspected it was coming soon so she and my aunt had the talk with me about what to expect. I remember my aunt showing me how to put on a pad and then she even gave me my own pack. I guess this explains my own feelings of responsibility of informing my niece of the need-to-know stuff.

See for me this day was a positive experience and I believe it shaped my overall openness and how comfortable I am with matters such as sex and my body.

All too often this day is met by many with uncertainty, surprise  and embarrassment because they were never informed. Many of these women then unfortunately look at their periods as The Curse that is to be dreaded every month. They fail to realize the amazing mechanics behind it and that it means that they are now physically (though absolutely not mentally or emotionally) ready to bring forth life and that one day they will be able to bare that miracle.

As a result of open communication about it, my niece had a look of excitement on her face when she shared her special news. She was fully prepared and was not scared or embarrassed.  Me and my sister even made it extra special by creating a gift bag full of girly goodies such as nail polishes, lip gloss and teen magazines.

Do you remember your first period?

We’ll Tiptoe To The Sun…

Here I go again

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