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Love and Defying Gravity

When I say i’m in love with you it means that you are the first person I think about when I hear a funny joke or see a funny video on YouTube.

It means that when I lay awake at nights in my insomniac state, you are the main topic i’m thinking of. Well the two of us and your smile in particular.

When I say i’m in love with you, it means that when i’m having a not so good day or even a moment, a extra long embrace  from you is all I desire. You know…where my head snuggles comfortably on your collar bone and where my nose is strategically place to maximize the smell of your cologne? Yea that one.

It means that I love how we have to sleep snuggled closely to each other because I always steal the covers. Even when i’m sleeping, i’m trying to be close to you.

When I say i’m in love with you it means that in everything I daydream about the future, from graduations to vacations and to my best friend’s wedding, I imagine you being right there beside me.

And in all my sexual fantasies, you are the featured star.

When I say i’m in love with you it means that I find myself wanting to do  all that traditional woman stuff like cook you dinner, do your laundry, make the house sparkly clean and oh yea bare your children. Let you open doors for me and always let you be the driver. And if being in love with you means silencing my raging feminist  side…i’m cool with it and that’s love!

When I say i’m in love with you..its me telling you that i’m all in.

Because I am you know? And always will be.

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