Tales Of Miss Scarlett

I miss what I never had

I saw this somewhere and loved it so much I thought I would share…

#MyWednesdayConfession: I miss kisses on the forehead. Arms that are strong enough to bear the weight of the world (or at least that’s how strong they feel to me). A dent in the pillow next to me. Romance, and butterflies and breathless anticipation. I miss being kissed until I forget my argument. I miss hearing, “I’ll help you.” “I got you.” and my personal favorite, “Don’t worry about it; I’ll take care of it.” I miss feeding someone. And hugging someone. And being teased about how anal I am about clutter and how I probably have a touch of OCD, lol. 

The irony of all of this- my ex wasn’t these things. He wasn’t romantic, or very affectionate- or helpful. He certainly never shouldered any weight for me. But I miss those things. I miss everything they tell you real love is going to be. I miss what I thought we would be.

Lesson of the Day- they say you can’t miss what you never had… “they” are wrong… sometimes you can.

by: Shameka Erby

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