Tales Of Miss Scarlett

Reasons I Should Have Not Given Him My Number

  1. He described me as Hot. Not beautiful
  2. He stunk of cigarettes. Not the ‘i’ve smoked a few smell, but the ‘my clothes haven’t been washed in weeks so the stench is now drenched in the fabric’ smell
  3. His first question to me was “You ain’t married right?” Now if I can overlook the grammar, I shouldn’t have overlooked the possible projection
  4. He was wearing a long gold chain. In the grocery store. On a Sunday afternoon.
  5. His first text to me was “WYD” He couldn’t even type a proper sentence. He couldn’t even have included the question mark.

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8 thoughts on “Reasons I Should Have Not Given Him My Number

  1. Ughh! All of the above= RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! 😂

  2. clayton paul on said:

    Change your number!

    Better Days…

  3. number already blocked lol
    Thanks for always checking out my blog 🙂

  4. OMG LOL I love this! This should be an article starter. Can I?? Can I please do my little list on 1 Year Of Single?? You’re awesome and inspiring! I wish I had more time to read … ❤

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  6. Yeah of he calls just don’t pick up!

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