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Words about Us…

Eskimo kisses.

Teasing and playful wrestling.

Holding hands.

Driving in silence.

Listening to a song that was clearly written about my for love you and your love for me.

Inside jokes.


Long hugs.

Falling asleep in a position that I know will hurt my neck and your arm but not caring.

Midday smiley face text.

Falling asleep on the phone but refusing to hang up.

Comfortable silence.

See what we have is more than sex. It’s intimacy at its best.

No fighting it. No changing it.

I’m in love with you. You’re in love with me.

We’re blessed.

Everyone has problems!

are DYING   homeless   have cancer   got fired    late for class   FORECLOSURES    lost a parent   RAPED   getting divorced  car accident   have AIDS   miscarriage   just got cheated on    starving   late for work  

car got repossessed   mentally ill

some a minor issues and some a HUGE PROBLEMS

i don’t dare pretend that any problems i may  have is even half as bad as some of the ones i listed above
that DOES NOT mean my problems are not important!!!
 so when someone points out in the middle of our conversation that 
“…people have bigger problems than your’s”
all i think is 
“no SHIT Sherlock!”
My Point:
if you are one of the privileged few that i share my concerns with…listen
and if you have something you would like to offload and share…please do because i am great listener
but please please please
                                      Do not point out the obviously condescending fact

Thank you very much!

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