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Jamaican Pride Shining Bright!!

With my countries exceptional performance on the world stage at the Olympics and not to mention the country celebrating her 50th year of independence…I HAD to do a post dedicated to my wonderful country!

Jamaica is a small island. The population is just 2.6million and it is literally just a dot on the world map. But yet we constantly shine and our presence and influence has stretched so far around the world, that it is easy to forget that the island is so small that it can be driven from tip to tip in 6hours. In Jamaica we have a phrase “it likkle but it tallawah” which perfectly captures the idea that despite our size; our strength is profound.

Jamaica has produced some of the world’s most decorated scholars, creative and visionary musical artist and LEGENDARY athletes. Our language has captivated the world, we created a religion that fascinates everyone and our food can make anyone drool.

I am a proud Jamaican and my gratitude and  LOVgrows more magnificent everyday!

This is a video by amazing vlogger and blogger Carla Moore celebrating Jamaica’s victory in the Olympics. Pay special attention to the end of the video when she explains the significance of Jamaica’s performance in England and reverse colonization.

Here are a few pictures celebrating Jamaica and its victory.

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