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The Art of Becoming a Swan

The 4th grade diva!

In the fourth grade I heard on Oprah (yes I was addicted to Oprah at the age of 9) that when you think of yourself a certain way, others would then see you in that light. Or at least… it was some advice along those line. I became determined to test the theory. Truly, I just wanted to see if thinking of myself as pretty for a few days would cause my class crush to find me irresistible. So the next day I walked into class confident and telling myself that I was the best thing since slice bread. And guess what? It worked! Not only did my crush spend lunch time playing with me, but multiple other boys complimented me in one way or the other 🙂

My point?

Recently I’ve been thinking about how my self-perception has changed over the past few years, especially since my teenage years. Growing up I always felt odd around others my age.  I was too tall, with a waistline too big, gigantic boobs  and ass that often got inappropriate response from grown men. I had acne that was so severe adults would stare. Needless to say, my self-esteem was very low. But now at the age of 26, my friends would chuckle at the idea of a low self esteem version of me. They often tease me for being too vain and over confident! Little do many people know, that my sometimes boastful expressions and confidence are often just tools in helping me to build my self esteem. Its utilizing that theory I heard on Oprah all those years ago. Before anyone else can see my beauty, I must first see it myself. Everyone has beautiful qualities…some are internal and others are external. Thinking of myself in a positive way helps me to not be afraid to show others what I have to offer.

My hope is that everyone reading this will be brave enough to test this theory. Love yourself boldly and watch how the world falls in love with you.


I matured fast!

At least that’s what I was told all my life and therefore what I reiterated to others

but mostly to myself

whenever I started staring at what looked like war wounds/claw marks/tiger stripes all over my body.


like finger prints; they grip my hips, clasp my ass and fondle my bosoms!

I matured fast!

my hormones raged, tectonic plates crashed together & my mountains formed in the north & south faster than my skin could keep up.


DON’T justify them.

DON’T hide them.

DON’T be ashamed of them.

DO love them.


proof that you transformed from a girl into a woman.

child bearing hips, nurturing bosoms and buttocks just for the heck it.

like blue prints; they show him where to grip my hips, clasp my ass and fondle my bosoms!


*post was inspired by the #loveyourlines movement on instagram

Happy International Women’s Day

Being the feminist that I am…it just wouldn’t be right for me to let this day go by without me acknowledging it on here.

So to all the beautiful, strong and fierce mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmas, aunties, wife, girlfriends and best friends

Have a glorious and wonderful day because after all….

Jamaican Pride Shining Bright!!

With my countries exceptional performance on the world stage at the Olympics and not to mention the country celebrating her 50th year of independence…I HAD to do a post dedicated to my wonderful country!

Jamaica is a small island. The population is just 2.6million and it is literally just a dot on the world map. But yet we constantly shine and our presence and influence has stretched so far around the world, that it is easy to forget that the island is so small that it can be driven from tip to tip in 6hours. In Jamaica we have a phrase “it likkle but it tallawah” which perfectly captures the idea that despite our size; our strength is profound.

Jamaica has produced some of the world’s most decorated scholars, creative and visionary musical artist and LEGENDARY athletes. Our language has captivated the world, we created a religion that fascinates everyone and our food can make anyone drool.

I am a proud Jamaican and my gratitude and  LOVgrows more magnificent everyday!

This is a video by amazing vlogger and blogger Carla Moore celebrating Jamaica’s victory in the Olympics. Pay special attention to the end of the video when she explains the significance of Jamaica’s performance in England and reverse colonization.

Here are a few pictures celebrating Jamaica and its victory.

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