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God is like a ride or die friend

In 2013 I started a Blessings Jar.

The idea was that throughout the year, I would write lil notes of blessings that I had experienced and at the end of the year…open the jar and review all my blessings.

2013 was an overwhelming year for me!

I traveled A LOT and I graduated with my undergraduate degree which is something I fought hard for. But I also had deep low points in my life and tremendous heart break….

…and in the midst of it all, I stopped writing notes for the jar and never reviewed it.

But today I decided to take a look and these are a few notes I found:

01/16/2013 After days of self pity and bad anxiety and

sleepless nights and putting myself more in debt…I paid my tuition.


Somehow I made it. Not just the payment but through college.

God has never left me!

01/18/2013 I went to see the resume doctor on campus & she was impressed with my resume. It got me thinking how God planned everything out in a way that even though I often complain about not getting jobs on campus or being broke; the job I did get is an amazing addition to my career goals. Everything that he allowed me to do is beneficial in the long run. Once again proving, that he has plans for me & they are better than any plan I could make for myself. I am blessed!

01/20/2013: Despite being undeserving, God shows His mercies.

I told a lie and I made mistakes and in an attempt to cover those up,

I just made more mistakes.

But God is like that ride or die friend that sees you struggling &helps you out.

He is like having a parent that sees their child doing wrong

but understands their heart & gives them a pass. I am blessed!

Even though we are half way through the first month of the year…it is not too late. A blessings jar is great way to count your blessings. At the very least, it gives us time to reflect on how favored we are. And when you do review the jar…whether it be monthly, at the end of the year or a decade from now…you will feel amazed!

my MATERIALISTIC 2012 resolutions!**5 month Update

So might be selfish of me but i’m sitting here post-Christmas gifts unwrapping and receiving and i’m thinking about the things that i did get (very grateful for) but the many man many other things that i do want.

I know i know…very materialistic of me! but i decided to just embrace it and create a list of things i intend (or at least wish) to get in 2012.

my Materialistic 2012 resolutions

  1. Designer handbag
  2. new car
  3. something from Apple
  4. A tablet PC: preferably Nook Color, Kindle Fire, Ipad
  5. new camera
  6. new phone
  7. a piece of diamond jewelry
  8. brown boots
  9. 32″ flat screen TV
  10. decorative house stuff: wall painting, throw pillows etc

** (12/28/2011) they say ask and you shall receive.

the new year hasn’t even begun yet and I already received one thing from my list.

i received new brown boots from a bestie for Christmas.

lets see how quickly the other things are scratched off the list.

***(03/27/2012) i’m updating this a bit late because to be honest, i didn’t even realize

I was ticking something new off my wishlist. I got my new phone back in

the beginning of February and boy was it an upgrade lol Yes getting this new phone

was because my old one gave out. But still it shows how when you write things down, sometimes life as a way of making it happen even without your help 🙂

***(04/09/2012) i got a tv!!!! not sure if its a 32″ but i think it is and it might even be bigger than that. Its not flat screen but you know i’m quite happy with that too. But best of all….it was free! Someday say Hallelujah

***oh and you know what else? I’m sitting here updating about the tv, i realize that I so also have some decorative house stuff. Only a painting and a vase set so far but i’m getting there and it will only get better

***(05/17/2012) OMG i can’t belive I am ticking this off my wish list! In a way this was my impossible thing..the one i never truly believed I could ever acquire but it happened….i got a car!!! In actuality i’m about a week late with this update. I actually took the car home on May 11, 2012! Its only May and I’ve already accomplished 5/10 things on my list. And my car is better than I ever expected to get..its a 2001 which is a whopping 6year jump from my previous old banged up Camry. Have you ever heard of the “Write it Down, Make it Happen” campaign? Coz now i’m a strong supporter. With God all things are possible 😀

but i LOVE him?!

I had questions:

how much do i love me?
was it enough to let go of someone that i LOVED 

but i knew was no good for my future?

i decided YES and i know i made the right choice

“Can two people walk together, unless they have agreed to do so?” Amos 3:3 (NIV)

Why am i sooooooo sure?


letting go of someone who isn’t right for me and forgiving them opened the door for love to flow from me to another person. 


in my opinion, loving someone doesn’t mean  that you have to commit your life to them forever if they are not right for you.

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