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God is like a ride or die friend

In 2013 I started a Blessings Jar.

The idea was that throughout the year, I would write lil notes of blessings that I had experienced and at the end of the year…open the jar and review all my blessings.

2013 was an overwhelming year for me!

I traveled A LOT and I graduated with my undergraduate degree which is something I fought hard for. But I also had deep low points in my life and tremendous heart break….

…and in the midst of it all, I stopped writing notes for the jar and never reviewed it.

But today I decided to take a look and these are a few notes I found:

01/16/2013 After days of self pity and bad anxiety and

sleepless nights and putting myself more in debt…I paid my tuition.


Somehow I made it. Not just the payment but through college.

God has never left me!

01/18/2013 I went to see the resume doctor on campus & she was impressed with my resume. It got me thinking how God planned everything out in a way that even though I often complain about not getting jobs on campus or being broke; the job I did get is an amazing addition to my career goals. Everything that he allowed me to do is beneficial in the long run. Once again proving, that he has plans for me & they are better than any plan I could make for myself. I am blessed!

01/20/2013: Despite being undeserving, God shows His mercies.

I told a lie and I made mistakes and in an attempt to cover those up,

I just made more mistakes.

But God is like that ride or die friend that sees you struggling &helps you out.

He is like having a parent that sees their child doing wrong

but understands their heart & gives them a pass. I am blessed!

Even though we are half way through the first month of the year…it is not too late. A blessings jar is great way to count your blessings. At the very least, it gives us time to reflect on how favored we are. And when you do review the jar…whether it be monthly, at the end of the year or a decade from now…you will feel amazed!

Dear Introverts & Extroverts,

Lately,I’ve been seeing a lot of articles about how awesome introverts are

and hilarious commentary about the problems introverts face.

Now I think that it is well fine and dandy. I mean hooray for the exposure this underrated group is getting.

The more people understand the group, the more accepting people will be

of their quirks and they will no longer be labelled names like


“stuck up”


But what I have been noticing in these articles and in the comment sections, is a superiority tone.

It may be subtle (i mean they are introverts…can’t expect bold ūüėõ ) but it is there.

Comments that suggest that because they enjoy being by themselves…

that they therefore love themselves more than extroverts.


because they spend more time in their heads….

it means that they are “deeper thinkers.”


because they might read more books…

it means that they are more intelligent.


As someone who have been labelled an introvert for most of my life but who has become a self proclaimed Ambivert (don’t know what it is? Google it!)…..I’m beyond tired of the debate and the judgement that seems to come along with it. Neither trait trumps the other!

And instead of these new articles taking on a fresh angle…

they resort to the same old playground games of screaming that

“I’m better than you na na na boo boo” crap!

Being an introvert simply means, that individual gets energy from within

while an extrovert gets energy from a stimulating environment.

They both can make excellent leaders,

amazing friends and both be

outstandingly intelligent. 

I mean c’mon!

No need to put another person down

to feel good about yourself.

Love and Defying Gravity

When I say i’m in love with you it means that you are the first person I think about when I hear a funny joke or see a funny video on¬†YouTube.

It means that when I lay awake at nights in my insomniac state, you are the main topic i’m thinking of. Well the two of us and your smile in particular.

When I say i’m in love with you, it means that when i’m having a not so good day or even a moment, a extra long embrace ¬†from you is all I desire. You know…where my head snuggles comfortably on your collar bone and where my nose is¬†strategically¬†place to¬†maximize¬†the smell of your cologne? Yea that one.

It means that I love how we have to sleep snuggled closely to each other because I¬†always¬†steal¬†the¬†covers. Even when i’m sleeping, i’m trying to be close to you.

When I say i’m in love with you it means that in everything I daydream about the future, from graduations to vacations and to my best friend’s wedding, I imagine you being right there beside me.

And in all my sexual fantasies, you are the featured star.

When I say i’m in love with you it means that I find myself wanting to do ¬†all that traditional woman stuff like cook you dinner, do your laundry, make¬†the¬†house sparkly clean and oh yea bare your children. Let you open doors for me and always let you be the driver. And if being in love with you means silencing my raging feminist ¬†side…i’m cool with it and that’s love!

When I say i’m in love with you..its me telling you that i’m all in.

Because I am you know? And always will be.

Nonconforming 101

It has always¬†marveled¬†me how many of those that spend most of their days and nights dreaming of how to be different, often scolding and mocking those that simply live to…be, are more than less following the patterns of others who also spent most of their days and nights dreaming of how to be different.

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