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Use me?? Nah I use you

So let me get this straight:

You want to be my fuck buddy or even less than that….be a one hit wonder?

But despite me constantly POLITELY saying “I am not that type of girl.”

Implying that no guy should approach me in that manner unless they intend on taking the time to work and build an intimate relationship.

YOU decided to stick around.

So you play it like you are a caring guy who just wants to enjoy my company. All along while believing that you could

caress, have  long meaningful talks, share long stares,

giggle about dumb shit way into  my Victoria’s Secrets.

But see you don’t know me.

And I know your type of bullshit!

So while you try to wiggle your way between my legs, thinking that if you get my nipples hard enough, I will say yes.

You don’t know that in fact I will let you keep going JUST. UNTIL. I. GET. MY. SATISFACTION

Because selfish is the name of the game that you want to play with my heart, mind & body

And blue balls is the prize that I don’t mind giving.

So keep coming around.

Work your fingers to the juicy core

Coz while you keep trying to fuck me, I’m really just fucking you!

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